Azienda Agricola Roberto Scubla

Azienda Agricola Roberto Scubla is a small winery (60000 bottles) located on a rolling hill in the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC area. This area is particularly suited to the production of great white wines, as well as an elegant selection of red wines.

Our limited production allows us to completely devote ourselves to our hand-picked grapes, and then to our wines; that’s why, over the years, the main Wine Guides have given excellent – if not the highest – ratings to some of our wines.

The search for Quality is represented by the image that proposes it.

Our Wines

“Scuro” DOC FCO

A selection of the best Merlot grapes (90%) plus a small amount of Refosco grapes with an overripe red cluster stem: this is the recipe of our best red wine. An elegant wine, aged in wooden barrel for 24 months. See the stories behind the names.

Pomédes DOC FCO

A blend of 60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Friulano and 10% Riesling Renano, from the best selections of the year. Fermented in 50% new wooden barriques and tonneaux, they frequently undergo manual “batonage” for 7 months, then the wine is assembled and aged in steel tanks for another year. See the stories behind the names.

Friulano Cràtis DOC FCO

A 100% natural drying process that takes place proudly on trellises placed under roofs exposed to the Bora wind. Verduzzo grapes retain high concentrations of sugar and tannins until Christmas, then the must is fermented in wooded barrels and aged for 24 months, plus another 12 in steel tanks. See the stories behind the names.


100% Chardonnay produced with the traditional sparkling wine production process, aged in the bottle for 36 months on the lees. After disgorging, using doses selected by the company, it ages for another 6 months. Aromas of bread crust, sapid and strong flavours.


Scubla winery covers an area of 12 hectares south of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, in Ipplis. The manor house and the cellar are located on the top of a rolling hill, while the vineyards on its sides.


The choice made by Roberto Scubla, who in the past studied biology, to quit his job at the bank to devote himself to the countryside, that he loved so much, was guided by a passion cultivated since he was a child…